Native Instruments: New Maschine Expansion – Astral Flutter


I just got a new Maschine MK2 (finally!!) and next day they release a New Expansion: Astral Flutter, I’m thinking of getting it to celebrate my new purchase as I have always been a NI fan.

Astral Flutter

The demos are really good, but sometimes they are very processed and you cannot hear the true sound of the kits, I think they should use their new stem file system in their demos to give it more exposure and to have a better listen.

This expansion is about 200mb so its not a big download, but it brings a lot of elements and the Massive presets are interesting enough to give it a twist to your old projects.

Astral Flutter may be suitable for some hip hop, indie rock/pop, ambient, and to my taste it can work in some psychedelic/post rock setup. But remember its about you, and can work outside this genres for sure.

I might give it a try as I have a coupon to spend in the store, I won’t promise a review because I still don’t have my other equipment with me but I will manage my time to make my first review.

You can hear the demo and buy here. I don’t like to copy paste info, so click to get official details.


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